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We're excited to launch the Field Partner Podcast, the latest addition to our resources.

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Listen here

Why have you started a podcast?

Podcasting has revolutionised the way we consume information, allowing us to tune in at any time and any place - you can listen in the car, whilst washing up or out for a run. Many of our resources require time to go into the depth the topics require, but life is busy and full of distractions! Our podcast will allow you to engage with our content without having to sit at your computer or through a tiny phone screen.

At launch, the Field Partner podcast will include our back-catalogue of interviews with experienced missionaries from all over the world. They share their amazing stories, wisdom and insight they have gained throughout their lives. We will continue to upload all our new interviews in video and podcast format. Moving forward, we will look to create podcast special episodes, giving opportunities to address some of the practical and spiritual difficulties those on mission will face. Do you have an idea for a topic? Get in touch to suggest one! 

What about the Foundations content?

This podcast will focus on cross-cultural mission and topics related to the mission field. In the Foundations section of our website, we cover the spiritual life skills needed for longevity in all areas on life! These include a strong walk with God such as knowing how to lay hold of His Word personally. It includes previous podcasts which Ross Paterson has created, as well as sermons and other biblical teaching. We are planning to launch a whole new podcast on major platforms dedicated to this area in due course which will be applicable to all Christians! Watch this space or sign up to our newsletter to hear more.

How can I listen to the podcast?

You can tune in on any device through the platforms listed below. If you enjoy our podcast or find it useful, please consider giving us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts as this will allow people to discover our content more easily! Whichever platform you use, don't forget to subscribe!



Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts

Pocket Casts

Radio Public


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Published on December 15, 2020
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