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Devotional Books We Recommend

Declaring God's Word

Derek Prince

A 365 Day Devotional

God expects us to speak Jesus' words and experience the same powerful results that He did For the first time, the world-renowned Bible teaching of Derek Prince has been condensed into a daily devotional. Or listen to the daily podcast on the Derek Prince Website.


Hils Grew

Proceeds are donated to 'Together for Development' Sewing Projects in Burundi

If somebody asked you, 'Who are you?', how would you reply? In this devotional with a difference, Hils Grew invites you in an engaging way to dive deeper into your God-given identity as His daughter. Key to becoming the woman God made you to be and living the life He's called you to is knowing who you are and being confident in it. Confidence comes from knowing; knowing how He's designed you, knowing what He's called you to, and knowing the One who knows you. Known is divided up into weekly sections (that can be done in any order) that focus alternately on one aspect of who you are, and one aspect of who God is. Each day's small, inspiring nugget of wisdom ends with a thought-provoking question to encourage reflection and connection with God. Start or finish your day with them and let God grow your confidence in who you are and whose you are.

Choose Life 365

Simon Guillebaud

365 Readings for Radical Disciples

This unique set of daily readings from bestselling author Simon Guillebaud encourages the reader to live the Christian life without compromise and without restraint; to live on full throttle and with utter abandonment to Christ.

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