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I recently received an update from a soon-to-be partner and found that they were starting to offer online options for their courses. So, I did a fun exercise and went through several of our other partners’ sites. I discovered that post-Covid several others had started offering online options or versions of their trainings. In view of this, I decided it would be nice to showcase some of these and brag on our partners for what they also are doing to train and equip global workers. Of course, some of the partners I mention below have done online training longer than we have, but I am including them to promote their newer courses and activities.

HOW IN THE WORLD do I learn a new culture?
The first course to mention is scheduled for December 10th and is titled HOW IN THE WORLD do I learn a new culture? – a subject very dear to our hearts! It is run by All Nations International in Kansas, and there are two options – online or in-person - either way, the cost is $15. Of course, depending on where you are in the world, doing it online could cost you some sleep as well. But I am sure it will be worth it - sign up while you can!

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(By the way, this US-based All Nations International is not to be confused with All Nations Christian College in the UK, who are also our partner and also offer online courses, one of which you will find below!)


Second on my list is online training offered by OSCAR (that stands for One Stop Centre for Advice and Resources). It took me a while to find these because if you search for courses at the top of the OSCAR site, you will be furnished with results of courses offered by other OSCAR members, not the ones they host themselves. But if you go to About OSCAR (in menu at the left) and go to OSCAR training, you will find a lot on offer. Choose from:


Generally, OSCAR does courses in person when a church or group invites them in, which of course, limits to those in the UK. But they do now offer an online alternative. The cost is £40 per course (or £60 for a married couple). Alternatively, you can request a recording of a previous course and listen in your own time. Apart from the usual helpful resources, there is an interesting offer of British Culture Orientation, useful for students and others coming to the UK from elsewhere in the world! (For your further interest, you can listen to Joann Pittman of ChinaSource interviewing Mike Frith, founder of OSCAR on the reason for that topic here).


Next, let me showcase the UK-based All Nations Christian College Explore course that takes place online once again from January 16 to April 21. The course fees will be £649 for the 13 weeks, with a week off over Easter. This may seem expensive, but having taken part in this course as a one-on-one tutor, I can vouch for the excellent content and the added value of going through it in a cohort with other students. This provides for good discussions on the student forum as well as guidance in your personal study and input from your tutor. If you or anyone you know is thinking of serving overseas soon, let me thoroughly recommend this online course from the UK’s premier training college!


In addition to these courses, why don’t you go across to our other training partners and see what else is on offer either for free or for a very reasonable price. Didasko was one of our first partners and they have continued to develop amazing courses and other resources, which are offered totally free. Go here to find those specifically related to cross-cultural ministry.

Global Trellis
Another partner, Global Trellis offers a lot in the way of workshops, courses and challenges, so click here to browse through those. Founder Amy Young, having spent many years serving in China, returned home to the USA with a deep burden to help those serving cross-culturally to thrive, and therefore much of what she offers comes from a personal growth and resilience (or recovery) mindset.


Equipping Servants International (ESI)
ESI offer many trainings but mostly in person. However, they do have an excellent marriage course on offer, which you can download and go through in your own time. It is free to do, but they ask for a donation – worthwhile!


Although we ourselves offer training, it gives us great pleasure to showcase what others are doing. None of us is complete in ourselves – there is great strength in collaborating and valuing what others do. So I close with a heartfelt “thank you” to all of our partners for what they are doing to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph 4:12)!

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Published on November 23, 2022
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