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The Antioch Factor Course

The Biblical foundations for working in cross-cultural mission. A look at the book of Acts for some surprising insights and warnings!

I love the course!

This course is for you if...

You are not yet involved in cross-cultural mission and are not even sure if it is "for you":

  • You have no idea what the expression “cross-cultural mission" means.
  • You want a Biblical basis for cross-cultural mission.
  • You feel that God just wants you involved in a local church and nothing else.
  • You want to understand how God sees church and views the world. What are His priorities?

If you are already in the mission field and…

  • Are needing your vision and call refreshed.
  • Want to help your friends back home to “get the vision” and to stand with you.

 If you are from a sending church and...

  • Want to know why those ‘pesky’ people keep talking about God’s work overseas?
  • Have to help those the church is sending, but are not sure how to do that or even why to do that!

Module Details

The Antioch message is an important look at the first 15 chapters of the book of Acts. Ross presents a stark choice that no Christian or church can avoid making – whether we become a Jerusalem church or in Antioch Church. Ross unpacks what that means, and its critical importance, from the events of the early church in Acts. Why did Paul find Jesus in Damascus, not in Jerusalem? Why was Paul sent out with Barnabas from Antioch, not from Jerusalem?

At the time of launching the Fieldpartner site, Ross has just returned from Burundi in East Africa where he was main speaker at a conference for church leaders from that nation, who wish to join together to send Burundian believers out as missionaries. A significant leader there had read the book version of this message, was impacted and therefore invited Ross to share that message to his people. Shortly after that, in a meeting with house church leaders from China, Ross was asked by a leader whom he had never met before: “Are you the one that wrote the book about the Antioch church?” The Lord has used this message across many nations – in China and Taiwan, in the US and in other countries. We write these words not to boast but rather to say this life changing message is critical to you and to your church.

This is the audio visual - and significantly updated - version of the message of Ross’s book “The Antioch Factor” (also published as “What In The Word Is God Waiting For?”).

Such an important point Ross brings out...

In these 5 talks, Ross shares his life’s message. He shares concerning what the Bible says about cross cultural mission being the heart of God’s plan for the church, especially focussing on the book of Acts and the early church. God has used this teaching in the US, Africa, India and Asia - where churches have adopted this teaching in Bible schools and essential training of believers.

The Antioch Factor #1
The first talk is a basic introduction. Ross starts with Acts 1:8 to show that Jesus divided the world into 4 different territories, and every church should involve in each of these 4 regions. But often we ignore the difficult one, “the ends of the earth”, even though Jesus told us to reach peoples who are different from us. This is a unique opportunity to think this matter through before the Lord.

The Antioch Factor #2
Ross in this second talk in the series looks at more verses from the New Testament, to show that cross cultural mission is a key part of the Bible's teaching from Genesis to Revelation. He then begins to look at the church in Jerusalem. He comes up with a very surprising conclusion which may shock you! Listen on to find out what that conclusion is!

The Antioch Factor #3
God gave the Jerusalem church 3 great chances in Acts chapters 8-11 to understand His global agenda, but they did not. Ross asks the question “am I communicating to you the strength of resistance to the Gospel going to the ends of the earth?” Ross then shows how God birthed the church in Antioch to move with that global agenda.

The Antioch Factor #4
Ross stresses eight key elements that make up the Antioch church. He states that Antioch churches do not grow up by accident or naturally, rather like weeds in the garden. We have to be intentional in making sure these elements are in play in our churches.

The Antioch Factor #5
Ross continues to stress that Antioch churches do not happen by accident. He gives more elements that need to be in play for us to become an Antioch church today, sending folk out and supporting folk to reach the nations.

Your Instructor - Ross Paterson

Ross Paterson's original call from God in the early 60s was to serve China - her people and her Church. He has been faithful to that call, going first to Taiwan as a missionary in 1969. Today, Ross travels across a number of nations, preaching and teaching (individually or together with Christine). It is Ross and Christine’s desire to see God’s Word brought back to its rightful place in the Body of Christ and to see the church of Jesus Christ embrace a biblical burden for world mission.

Ross has set up three schools of mission – two in China and one in Taiwan – and is thus involved in training a new generation of cross-cultural workers. Ross has also written a number of books on mission and China, some now translated into other languages. Ross serves in Derek Prince Ministries as a member of the International Council and also as Director of DPM China.

In 2013, Ross stepped down as International Director of Antioch Missions – Chinese Church Support Ministries which he founded in the 1980s but remains closely involved with the Asian bases (Taiwan,Singapore and Malaysia) and with the work inside China.

Great stuff, excellent teachings!

Curriculum Breakdown

  • The Antioch Factor Introduction (6:22)
  • The Antioch Factor #1 (31:53)
  • The Antioch Factor #2 (32:02)
  • The Antioch Factor #3 (31:21)
  • The Antioch Factor #4 (30:58)
  • The Antioch Factor #5 (31:48)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

Where will I access the course?

Our online learning takes place on our dedicated training platform, found at courses.fieldpartner.org.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I have a problem with the course?

If you have any issues with accessing the course, or with its content, please get in touch, we'd be happy to help! You can contact us at fieldpartner.org/contact.

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Reviews of FieldPartner

  • Jackie Pullinger, Cross cultural Missionary to Hong Kong

    Jackie Pullinger

    Missionary to Hong Kong since 1966
    Founder of the St Stephen's Society
    Ross & Christine’s training and ministry have always had a biblical base, integrity and practicality. This material meets a need vital for the mission field and use on the ground. It will help to make Jesus known in different cultures.
    George Verwer, Operation Mobiliation - for sharing the gospel

    George Verwer

    Founder and former International Director
    Operation Mobilization
    I have followed Ross since his student days at Cambridge when he also joined OM for a short time. I have seen God using him and his wife in wonderful ways and their commitment to China is outstanding. They have a teaching ministry that has impacted many lives and you will be blessed as you take time to read and listen.
  • Simon Guillebaud

    Founder And International Director
    Great Lakes Outreach
    The Patersons have been a lifelong inspiration to me in laying down their lives for the call to cross-cultural missions. I cannot think of any better training available on the web than FieldPartner, which is the synthesis of their five decades of learning on the ground as authentic practitioners.
    Rachel, Missions student from Taiwan


    From Taiwan
    Before going on a short mission trip to China, I learned a lot at the Barnabas School of Missions, which was built by the Antioch Missions founder Ross Paterson and his wife Christine. The program provides training to challenge us to want to see God glorified among the nations. Ross and Christine’s 48 years of mission experiences taught me how to do it - and how not to do it!
  • "I am a huge fan of cross culture training before hitting the mission field... I would go as far as to say is absolutely the difference between being successful and lasting out long-term on the mission field and burning out within a short period of time and having to head back home"
    Lydia, attended Ross and Christine's Cross cultural training

    Years of mission experience
    in Asia and Middle East

  • Simon Guillebaud, Founder at Great Lakes Outreach for cross cultural missions


    Student of 'Crossing Cultures 101'
    ...a total revelation for me and it helps to explain some of my past struggles in cross-cultural experiences. As I've been exposed to several cultures, I often wonder what's my true identity and have this constant longing for a sense of belonging, while at the same time I appreciate the fact the exposure has made me more adaptable...Thank you!
    Rachel, Missions student from Taiwan


    Student of 'The Antioch Factor' &
    'Crossing Cultures 101'
    That was excellent and very insightful...I need to think on this more, a lot more! So much to take in and think over in this module. This should be part of all church discipleship programmes.
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