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No matter where we live in the world, and whatever our field of service, I am sure we are all feeling the impact of world events and the 'perilous times' we are living through. For that reason, we are initiating as a first step, this Prayer Corner on the website, where anyone can send in a prayer request. We will endeavour to pick these up as they come in and also to respond.

Feel free to share your requests by commenting below...you can pray for others you see posting, and we will check in regularly and pray for you too!


Thank you for being part of the FieldPartner Community!


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Published on October 21, 2022
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3 comments on “Prayer Corner”

  1. HI Christine and Ross,
    When I read this line in your email, I wanted to come leave my own prayer request along the same lines:
    "ways in which we can broaden our reach and deepen our sense of community ."
    I've just been mulling this over as I've finished a six month review. In particular, I still want to grow in learning how to manage ideas into action, and grow in follow-through. So I would appreciate your prayers for me in this regard, that I would be effective and disciplined in ways in which to encourage and support the Iris Global family. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your response, Laura - then let's pray for each other along these lines! Life is so busy that it's easy to overlook our own and other people's need for connection. Those on the field, especially in the aftermath of Covid lockdowns, can feel especially isolated and that is what this is about for me. I long to see our stakeholders encouraging and praying for one another and finding connection with likeminded people all over the place! Blessings to you in all you are doing for your folks too!

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