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  • Pre-Field Books

Pre-Field Books We Recommend


David & Lorene Wilson

Engaging the Church in Missionary Mobilization
What would it look like if your church really took the last words of Jesus seriously?
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When Helping Hurts

Brian Fikkert & Steve Corbett

How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor...and Yourself
Offering a much-needed perspective on how to live the commands of Jesus, Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett explore nuanced ways of alleviating poverty. Poverty is much more than simply a lack of material resources, and it takes much more than donations and handouts to solve it.
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Mission Smart

David L. Frazier

15 Critical Questions To Ask Before Launching Overseas
Mission Smart addresses serious gaps in the mission mobilization process and offers fresh solutions for seeing less missionary attrition. Mission Smart is for overseas ministry candidates, church leaders, and mission agency staff.
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Getting Started

Amy Young

Making the Most of Your First Year in Cross-Cultural Service
You’ve made the leap and said yes to serving God cross-culturally. You’re anticipating your big adventure and prepared to serve whatever the cost. But now the questions and practicalities flood in...
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Looming Transitions

Amy Young

Starting and Finishing Well in Cross-cultural Service
Veteran of serving abroad Amy Young is the perfect companion to guide you through the much-neglected process of transitions.
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Serving Well

Elizabeth & Jonathan Trotter

Help for the Wannabe, Newbie, or Weary Cross-cultural Christian Worker
You’ll find steps you can take to prepare for the field, as well as ways to find strength and renewal if you’re already there. From the beginning to the end of the cross-cultural journey, Serving Well has something for you.
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Global Humility

Andy McCullough

Attitudes for Mission
The aspect that needs training, more than any other in cross-cultural workers, is humility. Pride and mission are polar opposites. Pride pollutes mission, but the mission of Christ is humble mission.
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I Think God Wants Me To Be A Missionary

Neal Pirolo

Prompted by the high attrition rate of missionaries who do not first "count the cost" of cross-cultural ministry, Neal Pirolo offers this book to help candidates for mission.
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