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  • History of Mission Books

History of Mission Books We Recommend

Appointment In Jerusalem

Derek and Lydia Prince

A True Story of Faith, Love, and the Miraculous Power of Prayer

This is the riveting true story of a young schoolteacher and her courageous quest to know God's will for her life. In Lydia Prince s search for God and her life's purpose, she is led to Jerusalem where she learns the power of prayer and experiences many miracles of provision and protection. Lydia rescues a dying baby girl and then miraculously survives many dangers, including gunfire, siege and barricades. She enters into her true appointment from God and, in the process, rescues scores of abandoned sick and orphaned children from disease and death. Discover how God can remarkably use those who trust Him!

From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya

Ruth A. Tucker

A Biographical History of Christian Missions
This is history at its best. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is readable, informative, gripping, and above all honest. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya helps readers understand the life and role of a missionary through real-life examples of missionaries throughout history. We see these men and women as fallible and human in their failures as well as their successes. These great leaders of missions are presented as real people, and not super-saints. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is as informative and intriguing as it is inspiring, an invaluable resource for missionaries, mission agencies, students, and all who are concerned about the spreading of the gospel throughout the world.

Missionary Monks

Edward L. Smither

An Introduction to the History and Theology of Missionary Monasticism

Missionaries go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, while monks live cloistered in a monastery and focus their lives on prayer and studying Scripture - correct? Not exactly. When we study the history of Christian mission, especially from around 500 to 1500 CE, the key missionaries that we constantly encounter are monks. In fact, if we don't have monks in this period then we have very little in the way of Christian mission. Our aim in this book is to examine the phenomenon of missionary monks--those who pursued both a monastic and missionary calling. We will meet the monks and monastic orders, narrate their journeys in mission, and evaluate their approaches to and thoughts about mission.

Derek Prince - A Biography

Stephen Mansfield

A Teacher for Our Time

When Stephen Mansfield asked Derek Prince what was the most important truth he had learned about life, Derek answered, "God is faithful. He keeps His word. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. I cannot emphasize this enough. It is the greatest truth of my life: God is faithful." This biography stirs your faith as you discover Prince's biblical wisdom and insight as well as his legacy as a father, prophet, teacher, and leader. As you read the story of Derek's truly remarkable life and ministry - which has led to an international organization providing Bible teaching in more than sixty languages, reaching six continents, every time zone and 120 nations - you will marvel at God's faithfulness and the truth of Derek's words. In the same way God used Derek's life, be inspired by this book and allow God to use your surrendered life to draw more meaning and purpose from it than you can possibly imagine.

China: the Hidden Miracle

Ross Paterson & Elisabeth Farrell

Foreword by Brother Andrew

The extraordinary story of two ordinary people. For a Church thirsting for renewal, Gospel Light introduces a new line of books called Renew. Serving the fastest growing segment of the Church worldwide -- those experiencing awakening and renewal with an expectancy for revival -- Renew brings you biblically sound resources. Take part in the renewal God is bringing to His Church with Renew Books from Gospel Light.

The Continuing Heartcry for China

Ross Paterson

This book sets out to report the very real needs of the Chinese churches and to challenge Christians worldwide to face up to those needs. It particularly describes the para-church ministries, the underground church and the officially recognized church.

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