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Sender's Books We Recommend


David & Lorene Wilson

Engaging the Church in Missionary Mobilization

What would it look like if your church really took the last words of Jesus seriously? The Great Commission was not just a suggestion by our Lord, but an imperative mandate given to his followers. Missionary sending agencies are deploying workers to the field, but many of them come from disengaged churches that are not producing well-equipped disciples. We need a fully integrated global supply chain—a pipeline—that has disciples as the precious commodity, as well as an effective infrastructure to distribute and replicate them around the globe. Pipeline seeks to re-engage the church in mobilizing the next generation of workers for the harvest. This is a collaboration of forty different authors from churches, agencies, and cross-cultural servants. As people in distant places wait for a messenger of hope and salvation, will your church venture into the pipeline?

Pipeline was named the Reader’s Choice for Best Mobilization book in 2018 by CatalystServices.org readers!

Mission Smart

David L. Frazier

15 Critical Questions To Ask Before Launching Overseas

It costs a lot to train, send out, support and care for people in cross-cultural ministry; however, the costs are immeasurable when these workers don’t learn the language and culture well, fail to be effective and return home in trouble spiritually and emotionally. Mission Smart addresses serious gaps in the mission mobilization process and offers fresh solutions for seeing less missionary attrition. Mission Smart is for overseas ministry candidates, church leaders, and mission agency staff. The goal is to send the right people who know their callings, can thrive overseas and be effective in cross-cultural ministry.

A Guide to Missions

Brad Thurston

Becoming a Missions-Driven Church

This book is designed to help church leaders build a healthy and growing missions program that will enable their church to benefit from cross-cultural engagement. It also offers potential missionaries an understanding of how they can interact with local congregations for mutual benefit. From new church plants to established churches, this book offers practical suggestions and encouragement to those who choose to obey the command of Jesus to go into all the world. Check out our interview with Brad.

Mind the Gaps Engaging the Church in Missionary Care

David J Wilson

Trinity Church Missionary Care Team

Mind the Gaps is intended to empower churches, to complement and enhance the efforts of the member care department of mission sending agencies, and to reduce the attrition rate of missionaries by encouraging them and helping to develop their resilience. It provides a distinct contribution to existing missionary care literature because it is collaboratively written by an experienced and practicing missionary care team from a local church. They share their experiences, both positive and negative, and relate real stories and lessons learned. By minding the gaps in missionary care, the church can create a system of proactive care, which will ensure lasting engagement of both the church and the agency into the lives of our precious and beloved missionaries.

The Reentry Team

Neal Pirolo

Caring for Your Returning Missionaries

As Neal Pirolo criss-crossed the United States and several other countries conducting the Serving As Senders Seminar, it became increasingly clear to him that of the six areas of care, reentry care is the least understood. Grieved by the lack of care when a missionary returns home, he was motivated to provide the Church and missions community with this resource.


Rod & Ruthie Gilbert, Ross & Christine Paterson

A Cross Cultural worker's guide to creating a Personal Accountability and Care Team

This book is a cross-cultural workers’ guide to creating a Personal Accountability and Care Team (PACT). Written by experienced missionaries, this short book makes such a team attainable whatever your circumstances may be!

Serving as Senders

Neal Pirolo

How to care for your missionaries as they prepare to go, are on the field and return home. A great resource for those supporting missionaries from churches or sending organisations. As awareness of missionary care has grown in recent years, it has become clear that there are at least four levels of care. The principles of this volume touch primarily on the Personal/Relational Level. The goal is for the missionary to develop a partnership team who share the same vision with them, who have an equal commitment to their God-given task, who focus their energy on that area of care, and who will share the joy of victory through Jesus Christ.

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