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Equipping Servants International

Sending Out Better Equipped

It costs a lot to send out and care for people in overseas ministry. However, the costs are immeasurable when these workers don’t learn the language and culture well, fail to be effective and return home in trouble spiritually and emotionally. Missionary attrition is draining the church. Equipping Servants International (ESI) offers Training, Counseling, and Consulting to mobilize and equip the Church of Jesus Christ to better fulfill God’s mission to reach the nations, both here at home and abroad. Download their practical support network worksheet below for more details.



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Our interview with David and Vicki Frazier, who created ESI. After a season of cross-cultural preparation and discernment, David and Vicki worked as missionaries for 20 years in Turkey before their return to the US. They have a strong desire to equip churches to send their missionaries well, with proper preparation and support which led them to create Equipping Servants International, as well as writing David's excellent and practical book: Mission Smart - 15 Critical Questions to Ask Before Launching Overseas. In this insightful interview they share their story and some of the wisdom they have acquired over many years on the field. It may be especially helpful for those considering cross-cultural mission for themselves.
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