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Alan and Jan Kilpatrick have lived a wide-ranging and varied life in ministry and mission, most recently serving in Mozambique. This interview contains their remarkable story of a real-life journey - one with many twists and turns! From church conflict to suffering from depression, their testimony is one of faith and courage in many different contexts. Discover more about Iris.
With this couple, the journey of faith really is about the journey and their willingness constantly to move on to the ‘next thing’ that God has for them. Their challenges have been many, including coming through addiction, loss of a child and depression, yet through it all encountering the God of surprises and new beginnings. Their heart now is to see a new generation equipped for reaching the nations, whether on our doorsteps or in the ends of the earth.
Alan and Jan spent a lot of time discerning God's call on their life at various points. Do check out our mini-course on this topic (no sign-up needed!).

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Published on October 29, 2021
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