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After being baptised at only 5 years old, Katie felt a clear calling to serve in Asia in her late teens and ended up in Taiwan doing her masters. During this time, she put down roots with a local church, starting a prayer room in her house with some friends and seeking God's will for their area, in Danshui, near Taipei. It was laid on Katie's heart that she was to dedicate her life to this area, and, after meeting her Taiwanese husband, they planted a church in the area which they now lead.

During this interview, Katie explains her heart to walk in God's calling, even at the expense of other dreams, she gives insight into seasons of seeking God and she shares her desire to facilitate opportunities to step out in faith, as Jesus sent out His disciples in Luke 10.

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Published on April 14, 2021
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One comment on “Interview with Katie Chen”

  1. I've just finished listening to your interview with Katie. What a remarkable young woman. I love her zeal, simplicity in trusting Jesus, and her unwillingness to compromise in following God's calling. I pray that God will continue to use her and her husband to see missionaries/church planters raised up to have the same humble, single-minded commitment to serve

    I trust too that God will use this interview to stir young people in the UK to obey his call to be involved in cross-cultural mission, trusting Him to lead them and being willing to pay the price of true discipleship. Thanks, Christine.

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