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Christine interviews Ruth Van Reken, member care expert and world-renowned co-author with Dave Pollock of bestseller 'Third Culture Kids'. Learn more here: http://crossculturalkid.org

Ruth discusses her childhood as a TCK - 'Third Culture Kid' and how she did not come to terms with the impact on her life until adulthood. It was her own book "Letters Never Sent" written about a decade earlier that had first raised awareness of the unresolved grief and loss carried by many missionary kids into their adult years. As she shares in this interview, she didn’t set out to write a book – she was journalling to process her own feelings about the past. But in the process she succeeded in touching a deep chord with many and has continued to do so in her subsequent work.

Ruth had a desire to be a missionary, which did not go completely as she would have planned it! But throughout a variety of trials, she has learnt much about trusting God and overcoming the difficulties of her upbringing. She is amazed to find just how far-reaching her work has been - not just to ex-pats and refugees, but even children of cross-cultural marriages! This fascinating, honest and encouraging interview is a worthwhile watch for anybody with involvement in cross-cultural work.

Who or What is a Third Culture Kid?

Christine Paterson encourages us to see past the immediate difficulties she experienced growing up cross-culturally and to count the blessings and opportunities it provides.

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Published on April 10, 2021
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