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Michael Prest is the director of our partner, UFM Worldwide. In this thought-provoking interview, he shares his personal story and how that led him to his current role today at UFM, an organisation that works to foster and nurture the role of the sending church in raising up and supporting cross-cultural missionaries. Read Michael's excellent guest post on our blog - The Privilege of Being a Sending Church.

This idea and principle is an integral part of our mission at FieldPartner. We have created resource maps (watch from around 34 mins in) that demonstrate the relationship between the sending church and the field worker at each stage of their journey. Check out our Pre Field, On Field and Post Field resource maps, as they paint a picture of how the relationship between sending churches and field workers at each stage of the journey, with information and resources for both sides. 


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Published on May 13, 2022
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